This Just In: Noise-Induced Trauma May Be Worse Than Age-Related Hearing Loss in Waterloo, IA

September 12, 2019

Are you taking steps to protect yourself from hearing loss in Waterloo, IA? It’s important to be proactive with this aspect of your health. Because age-related hearing loss in Waterloo, IA is common, many people believe that attempts to protect their hearing are futile. After all, you’re going to lose hearing as you get older anyway, right?

In fact, according to recent results from Purdue University researchers, this might not be the case. The cause of the hearing loss is an important factor. It turns out that noise-induced trauma may be worse than age-related hearing loss in Waterloo, IA. Here’s the scoop.

The study

The research, conducted by Purdue University and the University of Rochester and published in The Journal of Neuroscience, measured differences in sound processing based on the cause of hearing difficulty. The study compared hearing loss due to noise trauma and age-related metabolic hearing loss.

The researchers discovered that neural processing suffers greater damage after noise trauma than it does with age-related metabolic loss. The processing changes more significantly with trauma.

The difference

What’s the difference between metabolic hearing loss in Waterloo, IA and traumatic hearing loss? Metabolic loss occurs with age. It results from the deterioration of the ear’s inner battery, the electrochemical gradient. Physical trauma, on the other hand, causes damage to various parts of the ear and results in loss of sensory hair cells in the cochlea.

While age-related hearing loss in Waterloo, IA occurs over time, traumatic hearing loss can result from a one-time event. It can also be caused by damage over time, such as repeated exposure to loud noises. Either way, the scattered damage that occurs is different than age-related hearing loss.

The implications

These results suggest that prevention and treatment efforts for these two types of hearing loss in Waterloo, IA should be differentiated. The same methods that help one person hear might not work with another, due to the cause of the damage to their hearing.

Additionally, these results emphasize the importance of protecting one’s ears to prevent hearing loss in Waterloo, IA. Because noise trauma appears to be more detrimental, protection from noise exposure is crucial.

Fortunately, a few simple steps can provide significant protection against hearing loss in Waterloo, IA. First, limit the volume of earbuds. Keep in mind that others should never be able to hear the output of earphones that are on or in your ears. If they can, it’s way too loud. Second, if you will be exposed to loud noises such as those produced by construction sites, lawn mowers, sporting events or concerts, use high-quality earplugs to prevent noise trauma and hearing loss in Waterloo, IA.

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