Signs You Need Hearing Aid Repair in Waterloo, IA

February 8, 2019

Hearing aids are marvelous devices that can improve your life significantly if you suffer from hearing loss. However, they are quite small and require regular care to ensure they work for their entire lifespan. Without proper functionality, a hearing aid will be useless to you (and a huge waste of money).

If you begin to experience problems with your hearing aids, there’s a chance that one of the many small components are broken or are in need of a tune-up. In that case, you’ll want to bring them in to an expert for hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA.

Signs your hearing aids are in need of repair

There are a number of problems you might notice with your hearing aids that are indicative of their need for repair:

  • Physical damage: If you can see signs of damage on your hearing aid, such as cracks or broken pieces, you’ll want to take your hearing aids in for repair as soon as possible. Without all the components in their proper places, your hearing aids might not be able to function how they are designed to.
  • No sound at all: If you put your hearing aids in but aren’t able to hear a thing, don’t panic—it’s probably not your ears! More likely, the battery inside your hearing aids needs to be replaced. If you don’t have new batteries, or if changing the battery doesn’t work, take your hearing aids for repair.
  • Muffled, staticky or fluctuating sound: The sound coming from your hearing aids should be consistent and level all day, with no feedback, whistling, drops in volume or other similar problems. If your hearing aids are acting up and delivering bad sound, you may have a battery issue, or something inside the hearing aids is damaged.

Should you repair or replace hearing aids?

In some instances, hearing aids aren’t worth repairing because they are too damaged or are old enough to just be replaced. Replacement can sometimes be a more cost-effective solution than repairs, but it’s important to know when each option is appropriate.

If the repair on your hearing aid is minimal, such as a minor battery issue, there’s no need to replace your hearing aid. Similarly, your hearing aid might just need a quick cleaning before it acts as good as new. In these cases, repair is your best option.

However, if your repair is more labor-intensive or expensive, you may want to consider replacement. This is especially true if your hearing aids are more than five years old, since hearing aids aren’t designed to last forever, or if your hearing has worsened to the point where your current aids aren’t doing as good a job anymore. Consider using a set of broken hearing aids as a sign that it’s time for an upgrade if you’re not totally satisfied with your current ones.

Whether you are ready for an upgrade or your current hearing aids are giving you trouble, visit Potter’s Hearing Aid Service. We offer a variety of hearing aid products, as well as hearing tests, hearing aid cleaning and hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA. We’ll be sure to get your hearing aids working as good as new!

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