“Life After Deaf” and Other Books to Help You Cope with Hearing Loss

April 17, 2020

Dealing with adult-onset hearing loss is arguably more difficult than it is for children who experience the same phenomenon. Waking up one morning to find out that you can no longer hear is undoubtedly terrifying at any age, but when you have decades of normal hearing to compare it to, hearing loss in Waterloo, IA can be devastating.

Recently, the book Life After Deaf: My Misadventures in Hearing Loss and Recovery has been getting attention among the audiologist community. Noel Holston’s memoir about waking up one morning, completely unable to hear, has been described as “poignant and often humorous.”

Holston’s story chronicles his long medical journey, from the initial diagnosis (the cilia in his ear had been completely flattened for an inexplicable reason, ruling out traditional hearing aids or any kind of quick fix) to his decision to try cochlear implants. Meanwhile, as he struggled to deal with his new normal, his wife was diagnosed with cancer, which added even more pressure to an already-difficult circumstance. Not only were they both going through difficult challenges, but their battles with insurance companies left medical bills piling up.

In the end, Holston was able to regain at least a portion of his hearing with a second cochlear implant surgery, and is grateful to be able to hear today.

Other books to help cope with hearing loss

Holston’s memoir isn’t the only book about coping with new hearing loss. Here are some acclaimed titles that you might enjoy:

  • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: A True Story of Love, Hearing Loss, Heartbreak and Redemption by John J. Geoghegan: Similar to Holston’s book, this is another memoir where the author learned to live with sudden hearing loss.
  • Hear Your Life: Inspiring Stories and Honest Advice for Overcoming Hearing Loss by Melissa K. Rodriguez: This book is perfect to hand to loved ones trying to understand what it’s like to navigate a life without hearing.
  • Stop Living in Isolation: How Treating Hearing Loss Can Change Your Life, Maintain Your Independence, and May Reduce Your Risk of Dementia by Dr. Keith N. Darrow, PhD: Do you have a loved one who won’t deal with their hearing loss? Make the argument by encouraging them to read this book.
  • The Train in the Night: A Story of Music and Loss by Nick Coleman: What if you lost your hearing when your entire career depends on that particular sense? This is the story of a music journalist who found himself dealing with that unpleasant possibility.

Get help with hearing loss in Waterloo, IA

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