May Is Better Hearing Month!

May 10, 2018

It’s not unusual for people to avoid scheduling a hearing test in Waterloo, IA until there’s a real problem. Unfortunately, this is all too common, often due to the fact that hearing loss is typically a gradual process, which makes detecting a hearing issue on your own difficult. Fortunately, a professional can evaluate your hearing through tests and a physical exam.

Every year, we dedicate the month of May to raising awareness about hearing loss by offering important information and encouraging everyone to get their hearing checked. The following is information about hearing loss, as well as a few ways you can celebrate Better Hearing Month—including learning more about hearing loss and scheduling a hearing test in Waterloo, IA.

About Better Hearing Month

For over 75 years, the medical community has observed Better Hearing Month each May. It is a month-long campaign to raise the public’s awareness about hearing loss and what those living with hearing loss face every day. Hearing professionals also offer support in hopes of preventing hearing loss, and encouragement to preserve healthy hearing.

Causes of hearing loss

Hearing loss is not limited to the older population—in fact, hearing difficulties can affect people of all ages. What factors contribute to hearing loss? Regular exposure to loud noises, severe earwax buildup and certain medications are just a few factors. Left untreated, hearing loss has the potential to cause health complications such as diabetes, arthritis, depression, anxiety, hypertension, dementia and more.

Get your hearing evaluated if you are experiencing muffled speech sounds, difficulty focusing in on conversations in a crowd, problems hearing on the phone, others complaining that you turn the TV or radio volume up too loud or trouble differentiating between women’s and children’s voices.

How to celebrate Better Hearing Month

Has all this talk of Better Hearing Month inspired you to act? If so, here are some ideas you can put into practice this month—and beyond:

  • Educate yourself and others: Whether you or a loved one has trouble hearing, now is the time to educate yourself and spread the word about communication disorders—such as hearing loss. Go online for easily accessible information or ask your audiologist for pamphlets.
  • Protect your hearing: While age is a big factor in gradual hearing loss, there are other things that pose a danger to your hearing, like attending loud concerts, using noisy power tools and going to the shooting range without wearing proper hearing protection.
  • Schedule a hearing test: Believe it or not, you’re supposed to get your hearing checked regularly, just like going to the dentist or getting an annual physical exam. When researching doctors to perform your eye exam, search your health insurance for optometrists rather than for primary physicians, because most do not routinely screen for hearing loss. If it’s been more than a year since your last hearing test, schedule one soon.
  • Stop putting cotton swabs in your ears: Did you know that inserting cotton swabs into your ears can cause damage? They can puncture an eardrum, and may even push earwax too far back. Don’t stick them in your ears!

Is it time for a hearing test in Waterloo, IA? Then don’t wait to call Potter’s Hearing Aid Service to schedule an appointment!

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