Hearing Aid Repair in Waterloo, IA

Throughout the life of your hearing aid, it’s bound to need repairs. From simple battery replacements to more invasive hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA, Potter’s Hearing Aid Service is ready to provide your device with the expert care it needs to work at its fullest capacity. Thanks to our many years of experience and ongoing education on new technologies, we’re equipped to fix just about any device, no matter the nature of the repairs needed.

hearing aid internals

hearing aid needing repair


Your hearing aid is comprised of many small parts, all of which work together to serve you in hearing better. As these parts become dirty, damaged or worn-out, they need to be replaced and repaired. If your hearing aids have been affected by age, humidity changes, moisture or physical damage, bring them to us for quick, reliable repairs. We can work on most brands and can even repair custom hearing aids in Waterloo, IA! We return your device to you in perfect working condition.

hearing aid cleaning


In many cases, hearing aids just need a thorough cleaning to regain their former function. From earwax buildups to general debris, we’re quick to pinpoint devices that need cleaning and can safely remove buildups. Even if you’re diligent in at-home hearing aid cleaning in Waterloo, IA, it’s a smart idea to seek professional cleaning every once in a while, to preserve the integrity of your device.

hearing aid fitting session


Sometimes, the fit of your hearing aid can change. When it does, you shouldn’t waste any time in visit us for a hearing aid custom fitting in Waterloo, IA. We’ll help you determine why the fit of your device changed and can refit you to make sure your hearing aid is secure and fully functional. Whether from damage to the unit itself or just changes to your body over time, we’re adept at quickly refitting your device comfortably.

Keep Your Hearing Aid Working in Waterloo, IA

If you’ve noticed a decline in your hearing aid’s performance or are experiencing troubles with it, you might be due for a visit to Potter’s Hearing Aid Service. From simple battery change-outs to new hearing aid fitting in Waterloo, IA, we’ll deliver the service you need to utilize your device to the fullest. Call today at 319-232-7113 to schedule an appointment.