July 18, 2023

"Great place for quality hearing aids. When someone calls me or I call them my hearing aids work through my smart phone. No one around me can hear the person I'm talking to, bu"
July 4, 2023

"Was very straight forward about what they could do for me and how long the process would take to get done! Was a little confusing to get there, since it's on a 1 way, you almost miss the drive."
June 13, 2023

"Lee Potter was extremely kind and generous. I was visiting Waterloo for a few days when I ran into a problem with my hearing aids (purchased elsewhere). Even though he was fully booked that week and I am not a client of his, he still made time to help me with my issue, and did a highly professional job. I am very grateful to Lee, and strongly recommend his business."
November 6, 2022

"The guy was very informative and professional"
March 16, 2022

"Lee Potter is an extremely honest person. My wife purchased a hearing aid thru Potters via the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Program. Please go see him!"