April 29, 2019

"Potter’s Hearing service is the best ever! They are honest, and that is really important when getting gearing aids. You can really trust them. Ron and Lee are the best when it comes to service! I can’t say enough nice things about them. Lee goes out of his way to make things work, Ron is great too! I highly recommend them and wouldn’t go anywhere else."
February 15, 2018

Thank you for your service.

"Thank you for your service. I can now take ‘what’ out of my vocabulary"
February 15, 2018

I’m lucky

"I’m lucky. Ron is my neighbor and I have never heard so well. Wow!"
February 15, 2018

He’s never too busy to see me

"Ron is my hearing aid man. He’s never too busy to see me if I have a serious problem. I have a severe loss and he has fitted me with the best aids to suit my purpose at an affordable price."
February 15, 2018

Thank you so much

"Thank you so much for repairing my hearing aid. I will turn 94 years old March 11 and I’m trying to get along with these hearing aids. Thank you again for your service."