Bluetooth’s New LE Audio Will Upgrade Hearing Aid Capabilities

April 3, 2020

For years, Bluetooth audio functions have been the most exciting upgrade that hearing aids have seen. Recently, the company announced the next upgrade to Bluetooth technology: LE Audio, which is specifically designed to make hearing aids more accessible, with better sound quality. LE Audio hearing aids in Waterloo, IA are an advantage for the hearing impaired.

The new upgrade was designed to standardize Bluetooth hearing aid capabilities across all brands of mobile and smart devices, which has some exciting fringe benefits.

Here’s why we’re so excited about Bluetooth LE Audio:

  • One Bluetooth standard for all hearing aids: Originally, Bluetooth hearing aids were only compatible with specific devices—you’d have to get an Android-capable pair if you had an Android phone, and if you switched phones before your hearing aids needed to be replaced, you’d be out of luck. LE Audio’s protocol standardization means that no matter which type of smart device you have, your hearing aids will be compatible. That makes life a lot easier for many hearing-impaired people.
  • Broadcasting straight to your ears: One of the coolest features of Bluetooth LE Audio hearing aids in Waterloo, IA is that because of the standardization, it’s now much easier for places like concert halls and movie theaters to broadcast the audio straight to your ears. Your hearing aids can connect to their signal, reducing the signal-to-noise ratio that can make going to concerts, movies and performances less than fulfilling. Standardizing also makes this a cheaper technology to implement, which means more venues will be able to offer the service.
  • Reduce the stigma of hearing aids: The more technology improves, and the more features are available, the more likely it is that those with hearing loss will find hearing aids an attractive option. Many people with hearing loss refuse to get hearing aids, eventually finding out that they regret not getting them earlier, so the company hopes that by providing innovative features, they’ll become a more socially desirable assistive device.
  • Uses less battery power: Perhaps one of the best benefits of this new technology is that it’s designed to use far less battery power than older Bluetooth models—the “LE” stands for “low energy.” As you no doubt know, Bluetooth is notorious for draining device batteries, so any improvement is welcome.
  • Improved sound quality: Finally, the company promises enhanced sound quality in addition to functionality. That’s due to the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3), which allows developers to customize the sound quality and bit rate to meet their needs. It also processes and delivers sound more efficiently, which means you’ll enjoy better audio.

Try Bluetooth LE Audio hearing aids in Waterloo, IA

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