Nine Signs You Might Need a Hearing Aid

November 26, 2018

Are you wondering whether you might need a hearing aid? Well, if you have gotten to the point where you are asking the question, then there is a good chance the answer is “yes.”

Some people are reluctant to face the fact that they might need a hearing aid. This is because some people associate wearing a hearing aid with being “old” or “boring.” But the truth of the matter is, folks with hearing aids span all ages and lifestyles, and you are only as boring as you allow yourself to be!

Here are nine signs that it might be time to consider hearing aids in Waterloo, IA:

  • Mumbling: Does it suddenly seem like everyone around you is mumbling all the time. The reality might be that they’re speaking the same way they always have, but you are having a harder time hearing them.
  • Asking for repetition: Everyone needs to ask for something to be repeated every now and then. But if you find that you are asking, “What?” more and more often, then a hearing aid might help mitigate the issue.
  • Turning up the volume: You used to always have the volume on your TV set to a certain number, but now you find yourself cranking it several notches higher every day. This is a tell-tale sign that your hearing isn’t what it used to be.
  • Trouble understanding speakers: Do you enjoy going to church or hearing speakers addressing crowds? Is listening to speakers in meetings part of your job? If so, you might notice that you are having trouble hearing them—and that hearing aids in Waterloo, IA are a great solution.
  • Become irritable: If it has become difficult for you to hear your loved ones, then it makes sense that you might become irritable with them more often.
  • Straining to hear without context clues: People’s facial expressions can help us fill in the gaps when we might miss some of the words they are saying. But if you are talking on the phone or cannot see their face, you might not be able to fill in those gaps as easily. Hearing aids can help with that.
  • Telephone trouble: Do you find yourself avoiding the phone when it rings, because you know it will be an ordeal to get through a conversation? This is a sign you ought to consider hearing aids.
  • Avoiding socializing: If you are turning down invitations for dinner or get-togethers with loved ones because you worry you won’t be able to hear them, then that is a serious sign that a hearing aid might be necessary.
  • Won’t initiate conversation: Will you not speak unless someone speaks to you first? If so, imagine how much easier life could be with hearing aids in Waterloo, IA!

It can be hard at first to accept that you need a hearing aid, but once you have one, you will be given a new lease on life! Please feel free to get in touch with Potter’s Hearing Aid Service today to learn more about the different hearing aid options available to you.

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