What You Need to Know About Hearing Aid Repair in Waterloo, IA

June 7, 2019

Whether you’ve been wearing hearing aids for years or you just got fitted for your first set of hearing aids, it’s important to invest in regular hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA. If you’re unsure about when it’s the right time for hearing aid repair or you want to find out more about how to properly care for your hearing aids to improve their performance and longevity, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Why is hearing aid repair necessary?

Like any other device, hearing aids must be cared for and maintained properly to ensure long-lasting performance. Hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA is done to fix problems with hearing aids and restore them to like-new condition so that wearers can have the desired experience with their devices. During hearing aid repair, a professional might replace the hearing aid battery, tighten parts and clean the internal components of your hearing aids to get them working as effectively as possible.

Without consistent hearing aid maintenance and repair, your hearing aids are more likely to fail, and you will have to replace them more frequently. Here’s a closer look at some signs you may need hearing aid repair:

  • Random power loss: One of the most common signs that you need hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA is unexpected power loss. If your hearing aids suddenly run out of power for no reason, it indicates that you might have a faulty battery that needs to be replaced. In other cases, this seemingly random power loss could be caused by a different problem with your hearing aid’s internal mechanisms. Either way, it’s a good idea to get it checked out by a professional provider hearing aid repair.
  • Consistent buzzing: Not only is buzzing annoying, it can also prevent you from hearing things clearly with your hearing aids. If you notice constant buzzing or any other kind of consistent sound, like ringing, coming from your hearing aids, you should definitely invest in hearing aid repair. Getting this issue fixed can do wonders for the performance of your hearing aids and help you minimize feedback when you use your devices.
  • Wear, tear and damage: If your hearing aids show visible signs of wear and tear, it’s a good idea to get them inspected. Sometimes, you can simply get your hearing aids repaired to improve their performance, but you might have to replace your devices entirely, depending on the extent of the damage. You should have your hearing aids inspected to find out for sure.

Get hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA

If you need help with hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA, reach out to the team of experts at Potter’s Hearing Aid Service. Since 1986, our company has been proud to serve clients with comprehensive hearing aid services and a line of high-quality products that are designed to deliver the best performance possible. You can find out more about all of the products that we have to offer and get started with a hearing test to assess your needs by reaching out to our team today.

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