What You Should Know About Hearing Aid Pairing in Waterloo, IA for Phone and Music

August 14, 2019

The technology being used for modern hearing aids is constantly evolving, and some of the latest tests show that pairing time for hearing aids is going down while sound quality is going up.

One recent study, published in Hearing Review, indicates the pairing time for Marvel hearing aids is down to 33 seconds for clinicians and 49 seconds for non-clinicians. Meanwhile, the majority of users gave the hearing aids excellent scores for their ease of use, streamed sound quality and hearing on the phone.

This is all great news for people who use Marvel hearing aids in their everyday lives, and especially those who may be looking to begin using hearing aids for the very first time. There are numerous studies that have shown that satisfaction with hearing aids and adoption of their use is higher when time for hearing aid pairing in Waterloo, IA is low and sound quality is high, particularly with regard to multiple environmental listening utility.

Why is this important?

As people continue to cut the cords on their landline phones and replace them with smartphones, people are using the latter devices for more purposes than ever before. Estimates show that about 2.5 billion people will have smartphones by the end of this year, and these devices are now being used as cameras, internet browsers, game consoles, music and video streaming devices and more. For this reason, hearing aid connectivity to smartphones has become an increasingly important issue, especially as older people who are more likely to need hearing aids continue to adopt smartphones in greater numbers.

There are a variety of made-for-phone hearing aids that connect digitally to devices that have been around for some time now. But only recently have we really seen the technology take off to the extent it has.

Marvel hearing aids use Bluetooth Classic to connect directly to iOS and Android phones and stream phone calls and audio to both hearing aids. There is an enhanced own-voice pickup, which uses the microphones in the hearing aid to pick up the voice of the wearer, which allows for hands-free functionality for users. There is also AutoSense OS™ technology, which allows for the classification of various streamed signals, such as music versus speech, and applies certain vent loss compensation tactics for each of those types of signals compared with acoustic inputs, which allows them to deliver top-of-the-line sound quality reliably and consistently.

With hearing aids becoming faster and easier to pair, this makes them more user-friendly for all people wearing hearing aids, especially for the older audience that is less likely to be quite as tech-savvy. And of course, increased sound quality benefits everyone, as the better the sound, the easier it is for those who are hard of hearing to understand what’s being amplified through their hearing aids.

For more information about hearing aid pairing in Waterloo, IA and the various advances being made in today’s hearing aid technology, please reach out to the experts at Potter’s Hearing Aid Service today.

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