Protect Your Brain with Hearing Aids in Waterloo, IA

September 26, 2019

What steps are you taking to keep your brain sharp as you age? Are you staying physically active? Working on puzzles and brain teasers? Reading books? Did you know that the simple act of wearing a hearing aid in Waterloo, IA can help protect your brain?

That’s right. Researchers have discovered that you can maintain better brain function as you age by wearing hearing aids in Waterloo, IA. Here’s a closer look at what they’ve learned.

Dementia and hearing aids in Waterloo, IA

A study was conducted by University of Exeter and King’s College London. It builds on a body of research covering dementia issues. This particular research involved 25,000 people aged 50 or older. Over a two-year period, half of the participants wore hearing aids, while the rest did not. Both groups completed cognitive testing, and researchers discovered that those who wore hearing aids performed better. They specifically outperformed the other group in measures of working memory and attention.

Research implications

What do these research results mean in the real world? Experts report that this is the next step in a long line of research that shows hearing loss in Waterloo, IA is closely linked to brain function, risk of dementia and memory issues. It suggests that wearing a hearing aid could actually be an effective step toward protecting the brain from deterioration in our later years.

So, if you are advised to wear a hearing aid, don’t ignore this counsel. And, if you suspect you have hearing loss in Waterloo, IA, don’t ignore the issue. Get your hearing checked, and use hearing aids if they’re recommended for you. They might just save your brain.

Next steps

To get hearing aids in Waterloo, IA or to see if you need them, simply follow this three-step process.

  • Get a medical exam: Schedule an appointment with an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist) for a medical examination. This will rule out potential reasons for hearing loss such as injury, ear wax, infection or deformities.
  • Get an audiological exam: After your medical exam, schedule an exam with a hearing health professional. This evaluation by an audiologist will identify any hearing loss, the type of hearing loss and any need for hearing aids in Waterloo, IA.
  • Get your hearing aids: If it is determined that you need hearing aids in Waterloo, IA, your audiologist can make recommendations for the style, size, brand and strength of hearing aid that would be best for you. Based on their input, you can choose the right hearing aids in Waterloo, IA for your situation and lifestyle.

Get protection

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