We’re a Proud Provider of Phonak Hearing Aids in Waterloo, IA

December 12, 2018

Potter’s Hearing Aid Service has been a provider of Phonak hearing aids in Waterloo, IA for many years, and we are pleased to introduce some of the latest hearing aid technology from the company: its Audeo Marvel hearing aids.

This latest generation of hearing aid technology from Phonak automatically adapts to certain listening situations more than any previous technology. Now, people who wear the devices can benefit from better speech understanding in noisy environments without having to strain and put in as much effort, making for more enjoyable everyday listening situations.

Some of the features of Marvel hearing aids

One of the biggest benefits of Marvel hearing aids, beyond their ability to provide outstanding sound quality, better speech understanding and reduced listening effort, is that they are fully compatible with Phonak’s brand new digital service platform. By using the myPhonak app, Marvel hearing aid users can share information with their hearing doctors and hearing aid providers to help them better customize their listening experience.

In addition, the myCall-to-Text app takes some of the difficulty away from telephone calls, especially when there’s background noise present. The app syncs the Marvel hearing aids with your phone via Bluetooth so you can hear the conversation through your hearing aids while also reading in real time through the app what the person on the other end of the phone is saying. This live phone call transcription can ensure you are able to understand the conversation even if you’re in crowded environments where listening can be a bit more difficult than normal.

In fact, Marvel hearing aids can connect directly to any Bluetooth device to stream any kind of audio to both ears. For example, there is a TV Connector that contains proprietary AirStream™ technology to create high-quality sound streaming from any stereo system or television.

In addition, Marvel hearing aids are capable of distinguishing between streamed speech and music signals, and will automatically adjust to deliver the best possible sound quality to the hearing aid user.

The RogerDirect™ functionality allows Roger™ technology to stream directly to Marvel hearing aids without the need for an external receiver.

Finally, Phonak has developed industry-leading rechargeable technology with its hearing aids, featuring lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that are quick and easy to charge and will last for a long time. The hearing aids turn their batteries on automatically when removed from the charger, and off automatically when placed in their charging case, ensuring no power goes to waste. A full charge should give you a full day of hearing, and the batteries should last you at least six years based on Phonak’s engineering.

Phonak is on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology, and what the company has done with its Marvel hearing aids is nothing short of astounding. For more information about the benefits of using these Phonak hearing aids in Waterloo, IA and the features that are available with them, we encourage you to contact Potter’s Hearing Aid Service today with any questions you have. We look forward to helping you!

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