Researchers Find Link Between Premature Death, Hearing Loss

January 8, 2019

The more advancements we see in the medical world, the longer people live. Though this is a wonderful achievement, it has some unintended side effects that bring additional complications. One of those complications relates to hearing loss. According to recent research, after the age of 80, nearly 50 percent of women and 62 percent of men experience hearing loss, making it the fourth leading cause of disability.

Though hearing loss may seem like a minor disability, new research actually suggests that there is likely a link between hearing loss and premature death in Waterloo, IA. This research is complex, and there is still more to be learned, but the main findings are summarized below.

Hearing and mortality

One study found that all-cause mortality is higher for populations with hearing loss both before and after the age of 75. Why is this? Well, research shows that hearing loss can lead to less physical activity, more problems with mental health and cognitive function and higher numbers of incidents like accidents or falls. People with weaker hearing tend to have less spatial awareness because they are not as aware of what’s around them, and this can lead to those larger problems like falling more frequently.

Social isolation

Researchers have looked not only at the link between hearing impairment and mortality, but also at family and friend connections. Interestingly, researchers found that the mortality rate for people with hearing impairment was lower in individuals with strong family connections. People who were married or had children were able to enjoy longer lives.

There are many reasons for this, but the main idea is that having a spouse and family members tends to encourage more healthy and positive lifestyle choices. For example, they may help someone with hearing impairment stay more socially active by encouraging socialization and helping with communication. Family members may also encourage their loved ones to stop smoking, eat better and exercise more. Overall, studies found that people with hearing impairment who were socially isolated—especially divorced and childless people—had a higher mortality rate than those who still had deep social connections.

Finding the right hearing aids for your needs

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