What to Expect During a Hearing Test in Waterloo, IA and More Hearing Test Information

September 24, 2018

Hearing is one of the five senses, and plays a major role in everyday life. However, many adults fail to check on their hearing, allowing it to worsen over time until they find they can’t hear much of anything at all. This is why it’s so important to get your hearing tested by an experienced professional.

Hearing tests may sound a little intimidating, but the process is actually quick, simple and non-invasive. The average hearing test in Waterloo, IA will take around an hour to complete and will usually include a number of different tests to help get a full scope of your hearing abilities.

If you’re having trouble hearing, schedule a hearing test to get a clearer picture of what’s going on with your ears and determine if there are hearing aids that could help.

The process of a hearing test

Hearing tests may be conducted by an audiologist, your general practitioner or another experienced professional. When you go in for your appointment, you’ll likely be taken to a sound-insulated room or booth where outside noise will be muffled and you’ll be able to hear as well as possible.

Before the test begins, you should tell the tester about any medical problems you have as well as medications you are on, since some of these can impact your hearing. You also may need to fill out a form providing information about what kind of lifestyle choices you make that may affect hearing.

Next, the tester may inspect the inside of your ear using an otoscope to ensure everything looks normal and there are no physical blockages like earwax causing hearing issues. Then, a series of tests will begin to determine specific aspects of your hearing, such as the softest sound you can hear. You’ll likely be asked to wear headphones while your tester administers the tests directly to your ears so you can hear things as easily as possible.

One test involves playing a series of pitches and volumes through the headphones while you click a button to indicate every sound you’re able to hear. This can help narrow down which sounds you can and cannot hear, and what the lowest volume you can detect is.

Another test may involve identification of speech. Some people with poor hearing don’t realize how much they rely on lip reading and facial expressions, and this test can help determine your hearing ability when it comes to speech.

Other tests may include a bone conduction test, where the tester uses a vibrating probe placed behind your ear to test how well sound is conducted through bone and detected by the ear. A pressure test using air can also help determine how flexible your eardrum is.

Finally, your tester may use a tuning fork and hold it at numerous spots around your head to determine whether your hearing loss is due to nerves or hearing mechanisms in your ear.

Once your tester has completed the tests, they will analyze the results and determine the severity of your hearing loss. This will help guide whether or not you need hearing aids and which kind would work best for you.

From there, you’ll be able to work with a hearing aid specialist to choose the right hearing aids for you and get them fitted so you can hear well again!

How often you should get a hearing test in Waterloo, IA

Everyone should get at least one hearing test during their life, but certain people will require them more often. Adults over the age of 21 should get their hearing checked at least once every few years during a standard wellness checkup.

After you reach the age of 55, though, you should get an annual hearing test. This is largely because hearing loss is most common in older adults due to age, and hearing can gradually decline, so you may not notice that it’s occurring.

People who already wear hearing aids should get their hearing tested every year, as well, no matter their age. A routine test will help determine whether you need upgraded hearing aids or if they need to be adjusted due to hearing decline.

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