May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month: There’s No Better Time for Hearing Aid Repair in Waterloo, IA!

May 29, 2019

May is known for spring blooms, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and more. Did you know this month is also Better Hearing and Speech Month? It’s a time to raise awareness of early interventions for children, hearing loss prevention for adults and the treatments available to all. Whether you are just learning about hearing loss or need hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA, May is the month for you!

To support these efforts, educate yourself and your loved ones on the important issues related to hearing loss. Following are a few key topics to cover this May.

Early Childhood Intervention

To put children on the path to success, it’s essential to complete early hearing screening and intervention. This will detect hearing loss as soon as possible to identify needs and supply the appropriate tools and skills for children to communicate effectively.

Because a child’s brain is designed to learn language up to age six, these early years are critical. Studies have shown that identifying hearing loss early and intervening with specialized treatment can make a huge impact. A host of resources is available in the field of audiology today, including language specialists, speech-language pathologists, audiologists and hearing aids in Waterloo, IA. Licensed professionals can properly assess the hearing loss in a child and recommend the appropriate treatment to give them the best chance for success in their relationships, academics and career.

The key to all this is awareness. Parents and other role models must be aware of the potential for hearing loss or deafness in children and take the necessary steps to intervene. That’s why Better Hearing and Speech Month was instituted.

Adult Hearing Loss Prevention

On the other end of the spectrum are adults who put their hearing at risk. Not everyone realizes how delicate the ears and their structures are, and how easily they can be damaged. Exposure to loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss.

Fortunately, most of this loss is preventable. Adults (and children) should take precautions to protect their hearing. Listen to music, TV and movies at reasonable levels. If exposure to loud noise is necessary, such as working with power tools, then protective ear gear should be worn. Use quality ear plugs or noise-canceling earphones to avoid damage to the ear.

Recognizing that damage is possible is key to prevention. As part of Better Hearing and Speech Month, educate those around you about the potential for hearing loss and start developing habits to protect your hearing.

Hearing Aid Care

If you or a loved one already has hearing aids, this is the perfect opportunity to ensure they are functioning optimally. Contact your local audiologist for inspection and hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA. Or, if you think you might need hearing aids in Waterloo, IA, don’t hesitate to schedule a hearing test today.

Raise Your Awareness

Would you like to learn more about hearing loss interventions, prevention and hearing aid repair in Waterloo, IA? May is the ideal time to contact Potter’s Hearing Aid Service. We specialize in digital hearing aids, hearing tests and hearing protection. Our products include industry-leading brands. We would love to educate you on the options available and customize your hearing aids to fit your needs.

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