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May 24, 2018

People of all ages have hearing loss. They may be born with a hearing disability, experience hearing loss due to an accident or, very commonly, discover the need for hearing aids later in life. People having trouble hearing may benefit from wearing hearing aids, and the good news is that hearing aids are effective options to deal with varying degrees of hearing loss.

However, while the key to finding the right hearing aids for you is to visit an audiologist for a thorough evaluation and testing, some people opt to order directly from a third-party hearing aid supplier without getting a proper diagnosis first. Sure, third-party hearing aids may cost less, but they may not be a good, high-quality solution.

So, what should you do? See a professional and purchase hearing devices through a reputable company! Here are some good reasons to seek professional hearing aid fitting in Waterloo, IA.

Get the right fit

When you buy hearing aids from a source other than an established hearing center, you run the risk of receiving a poor fit for your ears. In addition, there’s a good chance they are programmed incorrectly for your needs. Buying your hearing aids this way may save money; however, you are less likely to wear your hearing devices if they don’t work well or they irritate your ears.

On the other hand, an audiologist can provide you with custom hearing aids that physically fit your ears. They’ll take ear mold impressions, then use the proper equipment to create and program your custom hearing aids to your specific amplification needs.

Get a professional evaluation

An audiologist is qualified to treat your hearing loss, custom fit your hearing aids and detect the cause of the hearing loss. You can’t get all this helpful medical treatment when ordering from a company that doesn’t personally know your needs. From one thing, proper hearing aid fitting is performed by an audiologist after they have conducted a physical exam and a series of hearing tests. This process may also uncover other medical issues, such as tinnitus; the result is a better fit for the best device that helps you hear better.

Get advice

When you scheduled a hearing aid fitting, what you end up getting is so much more than just a simple fitting. You also get professional advice, a beneficial consultation that can answer all your questions related to hearing loss and hearing aids. Also included is one-on-one training on how to use and care for your devices and the offer of follow-up care for you and maintenance for your hearing aids. An audiologist’s goal is to provide good bedside manner to develop that much-needed doctor-patient relationship.

If you are in need of an appointment for a custom hearing aid fitting in Waterloo, IA, look no further than Potter’s Hearing Aid Service. When you come to us, you can rest easy knowing your hearing is being looked after and treated well by people who truly care. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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