How to Clean and Care for Your Hearing Aids

June 11, 2018

You wear your hearing aids every day, which means they get exposed to a lot of dirt and grime. Earwax and moisture, in particular, build up in your ear canal and can affect the performance of your hearing aids over time. Fortunately, regular cleaning can cut down on potential problems with your devices.

Because they help you in everyday life, and because they are a big investment, you should take good care of your hearing aids through routine maintenance and hearing aid cleaning in Waterloo, IA. If you fail to take good care of your hearing aids, they may malfunction or break sooner than they normally would.

Cleaning is simple at home

A common misconception about hearing aids is that you shouldn’t clean them too much on your own because you could break them. Really, it’s totally fine to clean your devices on your own. In fact, it’s recommended that you clean your hearing aids every day!

To start, you’ll need the right tools, including a wax pick, soft bristle brush and a bulb blower. Never use chemicals or alcohol to clean your hearing aids, because they could cause damage.

For in-the-ear hearing aids, you will need to use a wax pick and soft bristled brush to wipe away wax buildup in all openings of the device. Be sure to always clean openings while they are facing downward so wax and dirt fall out of the device, not further in.

Earwax also generally builds up at the end of the hearing aid that emits sounds, which can cause your sound to come out muffled. This can cause long-term damage if not cleaned regularly, so use the wax pick and brush to wipe wax away. Finally, wipe the entire device with a clean, dry cloth and let the device dry overnight.

For behind-the-ear devices, wipe or brush debris from the device itself with a cloth, then detach the device from the ear mold. Ear molds tend to become discolored and look gross over time, but wiping them daily and soaking them in soapy water once or twice a week typically helps this issue.

Use a bulb blower to remove any wax or moisture from the tubing, and let the ear mold and device dry completely overnight.

No matter what kind of hearing aid you wear, always take the batteries out at night. This helps extend the battery life and gives you a chance to brush the interior of the battery compartment and leave it open to dry.

Don’t forget the pros

Even though you should clean your hearing aids at home, you should also take your hearing aids in to your hearing aid provider to have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. While at-home cleanings will keep them in good condition, the professionals will be able to more thoroughly remove wax from smaller spaces.

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