KISS Guitarist Appears on “The Big Interview with Dan Rather” to Talk About His Hearing Loss

July 9, 2019

When you’re experiencing hearing loss, you might think that you’re alone. But the reality is that millions of Americans suffer from this condition. Even Paul Stanley, guitarist for the 1970s rock band KISS, told AXS TV’s The Big Interview with Dan Rather that he was drawn to stardom because of insecurities he was born with related to a hearing loss complication. His inspiring story shows that people with this condition can achieve their dreams.

If you’re suffering from hearing loss in Waterloo, IA, know that there’s help out there for you. Read on to discover more about Stanley’s story and the particular condition he suffers from, which is known as microtia.

“You should have been nice to me”

Stanley was born with microtia, or left-side deafness. In the interview with Rather, Stanley says that achieving fame was part of a way for him “to push it in people’s faces and say, ‘You see, you should have been nice to me!’” Microtia is a birth defect that causes the ear to maintain its standard shape, but smaller than usual. In some severe cases, all external ear structures are missing.

Stanley successfully channeled his frustration with being left out into becoming a legendary rock guitarist. Stanley also discussed challenges he faced due to this condition in a book released a few years ago. He had reconstructive surgery on his ear as well.

What is microtia?

This congenital birth defect takes shape when a fetus is in the second trimester. Usually the ear takes shape completely by 28 weeks. However, in some cases, one or both ears don’t form in a complete fashion. When the outside part of the area is smaller than usual or completely missing, this is referred to as microtia. It’s a relatively rare condition only affecting about one baby out of 10,000.

This condition is usually only linked to one ear, which is typically the right ear. Children who experience microtia often have hearing loss in the affected ear. This can lead to delayed speech development. However, surgery can help with restoring both hearing ability and the ear’s appearance.

Microtia has four grades depending on the severity of the condition, with the most severe cases resulting in the entire outer ear being missing. There’s no single cause for this condition, but there have been links found between mothers with diabetes and incidences of microtia.

Restoring hearing loss in Waterloo, IA

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