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Protect Your Brain with Hearing Aids in Waterloo, IA

September 26, 2019

What steps are you taking to keep your brain sharp as you age? Are you staying physically active? Working on puzzles and brain teasers? Reading books? Did you know that the simple act of wearing a hearing aid in Waterloo, IA can help protect your brain? That’s right. Researchers have discovered that you can maintain better brain function as you age by wearing hearing aids in Waterloo, IA. Here’s a closer look at what they’ve learned. Dementia and hearing aids in Waterloo, IA A study was conducted by University of Exeter and King’s College London. It builds on a body... View Article

This Just In: Noise-Induced Trauma May Be Worse Than Age-Related Hearing Loss in Waterloo, IA

September 12, 2019

Are you taking steps to protect yourself from hearing loss in Waterloo, IA? It’s important to be proactive with this aspect of your health. Because age-related hearing loss in Waterloo, IA is common, many people believe that attempts to protect their hearing are futile. After all, you’re going to lose hearing as you get older anyway, right? In fact, according to recent results from Purdue University researchers, this might not be the case. The cause of the hearing loss is an important factor. It turns out that noise-induced trauma may be worse than age-related hearing loss in Waterloo, IA. Here’s... View Article

UnitedHealthcare Debuts a Brand-New Hearing Website

August 28, 2019

UnitedHealthcare recently announced the establishment of a brand-new website, UnitedHealthcare Hearing, which offers all of its consumers access to more affordable, high-quality hearing health information. According to Tom Wiffler, the CEO of UnitedHealthcare, the new project increases the “whole-person benefit plans that offer greater access to quality, cost-effective care” for millions of people in the United States. In discussing the importance of the project, Wiffler cited studies that show how helping people improve their hearing health can lead to greater overall health and a reduced risk of injuries and health conditions associated with untreated hearing loss, such as dementia and... View Article

What You Should Know About Hearing Aid Pairing in Waterloo, IA for Phone and Music

August 14, 2019

The technology being used for modern hearing aids is constantly evolving, and some of the latest tests show that pairing time for hearing aids is going down while sound quality is going up. One recent study, published in Hearing Review, indicates the pairing time for Marvel hearing aids is down to 33 seconds for clinicians and 49 seconds for non-clinicians. Meanwhile, the majority of users gave the hearing aids excellent scores for their ease of use, streamed sound quality and hearing on the phone. This is all great news for people who use Marvel hearing aids in their everyday lives,... View Article

The Relationship Between Adolescent Obesity and Hearing Loss

July 23, 2019

Often, the causal links between health conditions are surprising and unintuitive. One example of this is a study that showed a significant correlation between adolescent obesity and hearing loss. Obesity is known to be related to a number of other negative health outcomes, ranging from diabetes to heart disease, and now hearing loss can be added to that list. Luckily, you can fight back against adolescent obesity and hearing loss in Waterloo, IA. Advances in treatment are constantly evolving and giving people more options. Read on to find out more about the link between these two conditions: Study findings: Researchers... View Article


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