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How Unilateral Hearing Loss Can Affect Adult Life

February 10, 2020

Unilateral hearing loss (UHL), the loss of hearing in one ear (as opposed to bilateral hearing loss, which occurs in both ears) affects an estimated 7.2 percent of the population. The National Acoustic Laboratories performed a recent study about the effects of UHL on adult life. In the study, the researchers talked to adults who were either born with UHL or had acquired it later in life in order to determine how they coped with it and which specific challenges they face. Congenital vs. acquired hearing loss The NAL study found that there is a marked difference between those who... View Article

Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children: Risks and Management

January 27, 2020

Unilateral hearing loss (UHL) is a condition where a person hears normally in one ear, but experiences hearing loss in the other. This can range from mild to profound hearing loss. You may have heard of UHL referred to as “single-sided deafness,” which is a phrase some use to describe UHL when there is profound hearing loss in the impaired ear. Unilateral hearing loss in children in Waterloo, IA has been associated with educational risks, as the limited hearing can affect speech development, among other skills. Read on to find out how doctors suggest managing this condition and its risks.... View Article

There’s a Wide Variety in How Doctors Determine Cochlear Implant Candidacy

January 13, 2020

If you suffer from severe hearing loss, cochlear implants can be an intriguing solution. Instead of traditional hearing aids in Waterloo, IA, which rely on enhancing external acoustics, cochlear implants are surgically-implanted devices that directly stimulate the auditory nerve, which interprets and transmits sound information to the brain. Cochlear implants have long been thought to be ideal for those with the most severe hearing loss, but recent studies have shown that there are many candidates for cochlear implants who haven’t had access to the treatment. This is due to a lack of standardized testing protocols—doctors don’t know or agree on... View Article

How to Keep Children with Hearing Loss Engaged in Youth Sports

December 24, 2019

There have been more examples popping up recently of deaf or hearing-impaired athletes finding success in their sports. This makes for great examples for young children who suffer from hearing loss and wish to participate in sports, but there are still plenty of difficulties and barriers they must overcome to have a positive experience as children. For adults who run youth sports teams or leagues, it is important to consider some of the steps you can take to include children with hearing loss in team sports. It can become easy for children with hearing loss to feel ostracized or unwanted,... View Article

Eating a Healthy Diet Can Help Prevent Hearing Loss

December 10, 2019

A recent study conducted by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital indicates that a healthy diet may reduce the risk of acquired hearing loss. The hospital announced the results of the study in a press release in November. Let’s take a closer look at the study and what it potentially means for the world of hearing and hearing aids in Waterloo, IA. The study In the study, researchers closely analyzed three-year changes in hearing sensitivities, and discovered women who kept eating patterns that closely adhered to recommended healthy dietary patterns (including the DASH diet or a Mediterranean diet) had a... View Article


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